I drown.

plains of bleeding flowers my dreams, as is, withdraw in catalpa’s mouth, death’s winged ozone, from white to yellow leafy bones a midsummer dream hence the sea of madmen to the locust ghost in a dying sunset mirrored the oeuvre and mind as I dream of the sea as I dream; guilt in eyes lay … Continue reading I drown.

Mark’s Mind: Quarantine (aNd InSaNiTy!)

Did you know approximately 50%-74% of the population is extroverted? That means approximately 50%-74% of the population is screaming in terror, banging walls with their heads, and begging God to allow the pandemic to blow through. And I'm willing to bet most extroverts have even began singing Rapunzel's song from "Tangled". "Make the clock reverse, … Continue reading Mark’s Mind: Quarantine (aNd InSaNiTy!)

Tech Problems

Hey, folks! So, recently, I started redesigning my blog. BIG MISTAKE. I've messed it up on several levels, and it just looks plain stupid. I don't know how to fix it, so for an unknown period of time, it'll remain this way. Thank you for your patience. -C. Wesley Tanner