Mes mots dans ce rêve.

The likeness of snow-covered heaps on desert-searing nights Of a scathing wind that cursed a name and brought it By the crook of a deserted nest sunbathed by bare hands, Seducing a whistle to the primeval waters that shoehorn rocks Reflected with an awakening flutter within a cold room With lip of ice and loitering … Continue reading Mes mots dans ce rêve.

fools of happiness.

slumber, my fingers pullover mind, a drowning of us,an open dance, mindlessness evermore; winter’s wounds deny, disown madness,it is afar from where we left, grieved,the salvation into the abyssal tonguealone, in thalassic sway whilst we are fools of happiness. © 2020 All Rights Reserved. Written for the dVerse prompt: Write a quadrille (a poem of … Continue reading fools of happiness.


I dreamed in Venus a darkness without a place in mistier all-the-dead feet at our bones in our graves the acacia weeps we, like Ophelia, fall then drown but, madness is not without a place the sea waits and severs the white lines of the sun, and leaf, I toe, to rock, to tree and … Continue reading Venus.

(!)Two moons.

In two moons, a pseudoknot is in my blood begging to close about my last breath it wasn’t the echoing of gargoyles in our death-beds wandering our roots taken more by wiles and gutted solstice endless in your eyes I know you’re killing me © 2021 All Rights Reserved. Written for the 3/22/2021 dVerse quadrille … Continue reading (!)Two moons.

bliss or suffering.

Phantasmagoricred gold,last breath to bind themor myself–I’m not sure; a shadow is a shadowthen so am I until I vanishinto the winter of the bears,I ask that you do not find me; I want to be played by tragic lutes,the first scene like the half of breadthe last scene, the final act to the sipof … Continue reading bliss or suffering.

Okay (An Original Poem)

You sit alone like many before, You watch the stars as they glitter above, Mocking your unanswered questions. “Why must I remain? Why am I still here? Why is there this pain? What did I do wrong?” – I stand beside you as I have before, I watch your eyes as the sparkle fades, Yet … Continue reading Okay (An Original Poem)

Survival (By Devika Mathur) [And Apologies from Chris]

Prayers come to me naturally With almost every gasp my mother takes, with the fall of curved tint of autumn leaf Prayers reside in my tarnished body A temple with no bells, I chant ‘mantras’ and pray for chipped aesthetics to soothe a punctured breath, a column of swollen people with hopeless tongues. I pray … Continue reading Survival (By Devika Mathur) [And Apologies from Chris]


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