for the starsi liediminish i see the moonfled the rain, deathpoising swiftly, & unspeaking,a poet crowsspun a wind, shuttingyourbeautiesin the spring-said of earthindigomy skin, I rise so no onesees meone womanbirth,subsumedbut eyesI lie with themeasy. © 2021 All Rights Reserved.

Lucas Stories: Waves

The boy felt the waves crash against his feel. He felt the wet sand beneath him shift to create a mold around his feet. He felt the summer breeze blow against his face, causing his short hair to ripple. He breathed deeply as he recalled the memories he made with his father. In the short … Continue reading Lucas Stories: Waves

Ghost of gardens.

infinite in papery moonswhy must I layunder your footin the voluptuoussea? madcaps and glassed eyes her next deathin a million moons I’ve yet to meet; god’s leavetaking, nothing left for youbut a ghost of gardens. © 2020 All Rights Reserved. Originally reposted for the dVerse Open Link Night 1/7/21.

Escape (An Original Poem)

I can’t escape It’s everywhere It’s part of me The pain resides Within my heart The pounding of The monotone keys I can’t hear My own heart It’s drowned out How is it that The whisper is Only heard by you?


Icy thorns in kestrel snow, I gather them for you; plunging ire to your still desert, stave it in illness, black lilies incite the gallows you bring into the ladies of dust if the blood oceanid parts. © 2020 All Rights Reserved.

Ocean rattle.

Mesmerized by ocean’s rattle,I curl the thorns of the lilyinto the sway of red craters,cracked fossils; the possibilitythat unearths into a singlebloodline, staved in winter’s digits;I’ve cried for shadows offather’s uproots, whilsthe remembers Mother Nature’sfare. © 2020 All Rights Reserved. Written for the dVerse prompt: Scribble us a poem of possibility using just 44 words, including some … Continue reading Ocean rattle.

last flower.

with the last flower, traveled and scrawled from our mind—across the sun. the moon cracks and reddens as death comes to stardust. ebony époque hikes to the yellow tourniquets; and in-utero shells, plasma glass, her eyes are mine; maniac moon devours the limb to the stars clotted in bones/rocks. I dream between the blood from … Continue reading last flower.

2nd Year Blog Anniversary, Discord – And More

First off, let’s start with a message from the Poet of Steel regarding his blog, and then we’ll dive into what’s goin’ on with this blog: Hey, everyone! I’ve created a short story blog, where YOU choose the answers, and you can view it here: Please note that this is just a reminder to … Continue reading 2nd Year Blog Anniversary, Discord – And More

Storm (An Original Poem)

My mind is a Storm, Swirling emotions, Weakening loyalty, And distancing me. I find myself far From my closest friends, Except with you. You are the Eye, The calm in my Storm, While my world slowly Crumbles around me.


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