Read Here First

Blog Rules

Note: these rules apply to ALL aspects of the blog, including but not limited to commenting and posting. If it’s an interaction regarding this blog, you must follow these rules.

  1. No Giving Away Personal Information. I am aware that it’s a bit limiting, but this is the internet. You don’t really know who you’re interacting with. So no addresses, and I strongly recommend against sharing phone numbers and/or email addresses.
  2. Be Respectful and Considerate of Others. This goes without saying. Abide by the Golden Rule and you will have no quarrel with me regarding this.
  3. No Arguing or Debating. I can testify that if a debate or argument starts, I can’t resist but be pulled in, so don’t shy away from holding me accountable for this rule if I violate it. Debates and arguments are just unhealthy on the internet. Debates are relatively controllable in person, but on the internet, it’s just safer not to start them.
  4. No Politics or Corona Virus Talks. I’ve had enough of the corona virus impacting my everyday life, and politics lead to debates, so let’s just avoid these topics.
  5. No Advertising or Spamming. This rule seems kinda blunt/harsh at first, but bear in mind, I don’t mind if you ask to advertise your blog. In fact, I might even be willing to advertise it for you. But permission IS required to advertise, and spamming is not allowed under any circumstances.
  6. Please be Family Friendly. Actually kinda belatedly realized I forgot to put this here, so my bad. I try to ensure that the content posted- for the most part- is appropriate for most, if not all, ages. My definition of “Family Friendly” is a lot stricter than how most people define it, however, so unless something is excessive, I will probably post it and leave it up to you guys to debate. NON-FAMILY FRIENDLY POSTS WILL HAVE (!) AT THE BEGINNING OF THE POST’S NAME!

What IS allowed?

  1. Religion. This may seem like an odd thing to include when I’ve banned politics and debating, but I’m perfectly fine with religious discussions. Just don’t make it a debate or argument. When it comes to this blog, religion is more based around informing. If you want to evangelize or something, I recommend writing something regarding that religion, having it posted here, and waiting to see if you’ve interested anyone. But again, be careful not to make it a debate or argument.
  2. Short Poetry in Comments. It may be hard to find overall for most viewers, but feel free to post short poetry in comments. It might pique someone’s interest in your writing, and it’s a good way of kinda scouting out the blog. What is short poetry? Anything under 7 lines should be fine. Poetry excerpts are fine as well, so long as you keep it short.
  3. Constructive Criticism. PLEASE provide constructive criticism! If someone’s not able to handle it, quite frankly they should not post it for others to see. Sharing your work means being open to kind advice, so if you’re a reader, please provide whatever tips and tricks you can provide that are relevant to the piece. It’ll help them learn and grow.