2nd Year Blog Anniversary, Discord – And More

First off, let’s start with a message from the Poet of Steel regarding his blog, and then we’ll dive into what’s goin’ on with this blog:

Hey, everyone! I’ve created a short story blog, where YOU choose the answers, and you can view it here:


Please note that this is just a reminder to long-time viewers, and you do not have to go here if you don’t have to!

Have a good day! 😀

-Poet of Steel

Thank you, Poet of Steel!

Now, I’m gonna reveal the biggest blog news we have, although there are several prongs to what this means. The big news is that I’m reverting back to the original purpose for the blog. Now you may be wondering what that purpose is if we’re still doing poetry, stories, and various other forms of literature…after all, we’ve been doing that from Day 1. However, that’s not what I mean.

The original purpose of the blog, when it was first created and first named the Mark Swift Nexus (which would undergo several name changes), it was intended to be a center for everything I did, essentially. All my short stories, novels, poetry, all in one place. But the thing is, I’ve branched out from literature. I’ve got a YouTube channel, I’ve got an Instagram, a Twitter, and I’ve started doing artsy stuff. (No, I’m not sharing my Instagram. that’s private to my life, unfortunately. And yes I’ve got a life.)

In other words, I’ve branched out. This is no longer my Nexus, and given how much it’s been suffering, it’s not really the nexus of anything right now. But hopefully that changes in the future.

Anyways, one thing I’ve done to mend this is to create a Discord! It’ll serve as the social chat hub for everything really, but…not the CONTENT hub. That’s where I’m gonna expand this blog further, with Phase 2. (Also, link to the Discord server: https://discord.gg/HeMwz7XA )

Whenever one of my YouTube videos is more popular than most of my YouTube videos, I will begin posting them here, in an effort to integrate YouTube. And whenever I feel I’ve created a good piece of art, I will also post it here.

How is this relevant to everyone?

It’s not really. It’s a filler post with content I thought might be fun.

Also, if you’re on the fence about the Discord, allow me to break down the features for you:

  1. General chatroom that I will hang out in. This means questioning me and forcing me to write are both gonna be easier for y’all.
  2. The most balanced social system ever. (I’m kidding. It’s super unbalanced.)
  3. Radio for DJ’s to play. (Public can’t queue songs, but feel free to request songs.)
  4. Discussion chatrooms for art, music, gaming, writing, a potential roleplay, youtube, and for general discussion.
  5. RESTRICTED voice chat. (Mods have free reign, however voice chat isn’t open. The radio mutes everyone, the gaming chat mutes everyone but me [that’s for if I decided I wanted to stream gaming], and a mod chat that blocks users from joining unless they are a mod. And an Among Us chatroom that’s open to those with Trusted status. If privacy is a concern, you don’t have to worry about voice chat.
  6. Restricted sharing. Only those with Trusted can share links, and only mods can share images. This is to ensure inappropriate images and unsafe links are blocked, and cause minimal harm. Still, I’ve pinned a message warning everyone to still be incredibly careful of what links they do encounter in the Discord.
  7. Rules system that mimics this blog’s rules. So if ya want to know what the Discord rules are, feel free to check this blog’s rules and that will give you a strong indication of what the Discord rules are!

I guess that’s it for now, so I shall leave with a quote:

Have a good day! 😀

-Poet of Steel

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