I am a ghost to you.

death is a red coquette
on your father’s fossil arm
its abyss forgotten and ungrieved
into cosseted veins of poetry,
but words mean nothing to you;

yellow dreams wept in her darkness,
and caitiff of mirrored dust, and bone consumed
moon-wept death in the waves and
fingertips of black lillies
nulling marrows in epicedium
of the bear’s wintered hibernation
the seasons that sail the sea-skulls
of saints against the tumulus sands;

I’ve written letters, ghost of a doll,
the candles salve in sea-foam, and I bled
the umbilical knot to my child moon.

© 2020 lucysworks.com All Rights Reserved.

Written for the dVerse prompt: “Your challenge is to take FIVE (no more or less) from these 21 ‘charms’ and string them together in a poem with style and word length of your choosing.”

All phrases below are from “The pale Impromptu.”

Dim Accuracy; Candle salveConsumed moon;
Eyes jealousy; Fouls deviation; Grey life;  
Hearts brow; Lucid farrows; Nulling marrows;
Painted mirth; Pale heat; Palmed rose;
Pearls from tissue; Pellucid quest; Royal flesh;
Skulls of saints; Slime pigments; Spiritual songs;
Solitudes wish; Times chant; Yellow dreams;

This piece is also inspired by Where Evil Grows by The Poppy Family.

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