The Time Assassins: Supporting Characters

Granted, the two central characters are James and Tri in my upcoming Nano 2020 novel, “The Time Assassins”, but there are plenty other “main characters” who join the fight. Here are some of them:

Ada Locke

Ada is a young girl of 14 years of age living in the Dark Ages. She suffers from cerebral palsy, which results in the right side of her body being paralyzed. While she is worried about this condition, and fears it’s caused by the wrath of God, she puts up an optimistic and cheerful front.

Isabella Brown

Isabella is Ada Locke’s incredibly protective half-sister. At age 21, Isabella has more experience than Ada does, and has had more time to be betrayed. Having lost everything but her half sister, Isabella trusts no one, and has a pessimistic attitude to contrast Ada’s personality.

Markus Shrimp

Markus is member of the Collective in the present day. He’s a clever scientist who grew up with much the same education as James, albeit he pursued his goals as a scientist rather than ran away. He’s 25, full of cringy jokes, and super talkative.


Rob is Markus’ pet hamster. Rob was experimented on before, and through some odd scientific phenomena, became the world’s first undead creature on the face of the planet. That was when Markus adopted Rob, as everyone else refused to let the hamster “live”. Now Rob is Markus’ loyal companion, and lab partner.

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