Alabaster the dissociated
Moon; a blood-hunt of my dreams,
death the psychosis, torment the arbitrary
mind, I dreamed of the topples of
thunderbirds, medusa-ing

mouths of darkness, and final
hairs of serpents to planetary
shivers; and celestial death
of the stars, they translate
the whiteness of hills,
goat-herding anesthesia
in the sand-cratered moons
within the dusty womb of Mars
left me my child-self
and I was her. 

Written for the dVerse prompt: “So find a few creative nouns (or use some of the examples I have given) and weave a poem around them. Some nouns are already established as a verb. For example, you may describe a narrow road snaking along the valley floor…”

I was also inspired by The Handler by Muse. 

I hope you could enjoy my piece. Thank you for reading.

2 thoughts on “her.

  1. I use my WordPress reader to read posts, so I stopped and thought, “Wait, didn’t she already post this? She posted it twice?” Took me a moment to realize both posts were on different blogs lol
    Thanks, Lucy 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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