The Time Assassins: Meet James and Tri


This is the second post I’m making regarding my upcoming NaNoWriMo 2020 novel, “The Time Assassins”. In it, I will introduce you to the two central characters, James and Tri.


James Newman is a kid genius. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in engineering at the age of thirteen, although only because he could tell what the right answer was by seeing it. None of the knowledge remained with him. When he was thirteen, he was accepted as an intern for the largest tech company- Salazar Incorporated. He dropped out of the internship immediately, however, when a time travel experiment caused his parents to disappear completely.

For the last five years, he has devoted his life to providing a normal life for his sister. His dedication to making this goal possible has caused him to work two part time jobs, as well as deal with his sister’s…irregularities.


Mia Newton was nicknamed Tri at a young age. She was so good at psychology that she often seemed to read the minds of those around her. She used this gift, however, to manipulate the circumstances surrounding her, in order to always be placed third. She claimed it was because there was too much pressure involved in always winning or always losing, thus she preferred third. This earned her the nickname “Tri”…which became the only name she responded to.

She was James’ younger sister, and this showed in how her brilliance mirrored her brother’s. She refused to acknowledge her brother as intelligent, however, and instead grew the rebellious habit of fighting against him whenever she could. She knew she was special, and was angry that James held her back from achieving her full potential.


James and Tri were a strong combo that were capable of harnessing time travel effectively, in comparison to the many who lost themselves to what the Collective calls the “Abyss”. James and Tri’s mission is to prevent the assassination of the legendary Robin Hood, who has suddenly decided to lead a raid against King John’s palace. James is too stubborn and orderly to allow the course of time to change, but Tri realizes that something’s not right…that the two haven’t been given the whole story.

2 thoughts on “The Time Assassins: Meet James and Tri

  1. I love the contrast between James and Tri. James strives for greatness, Tri strives to be “average” even though she’s intelligent.

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