I drown.

plains of bleeding flowers

my dreams, as is, withdraw

in catalpa’s mouth,

death’s winged ozone,

from white to yellow leafy bones

a midsummer dream hence

the sea of madmen

to the locust ghost

in a dying sunset

mirrored the oeuvre

and mind

as I dream of the sea

as I dream;

guilt in eyes

lay naked in death’s imitation

cradled in God’s sleep,

with the abyss of mercy

to kill ecstasy

to birth a better daughter;

I drown

as the leaf falls

as Ophelia turns to madness

before drowning.

Each flower dies

the white branches

their bellies in the roots,

their blood in each leaf

fall to the death

of lamb or sheep;

let it fall, let it,

fingernails flood

red, we wait for the death

of the sun; illumes


aiutami, aiutami

into the ocean

almost blindness.

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