2 Epic Mario Galaxy Moves You Never Knew Existed

I’m sure all of us have had a love for Nintendo games sometime in our past. For me, it’s still alive and strong, as I have been replaying Mario Galaxy 2 of late. HOWEVER, there are two moves my brother and I have discovered during this current playthrough that we never learned through years of playing this incredible video game…and they are quite astonishing. Let’s save the best for last, shall we?

2. Backwards Ice-Skating

One of the most thrilling parts of Mario Galaxy is walking on ice and then shaking your remote. Mario will perform a spin which immediately transitions into him ice skating. It’s really fun to do, and provides a lot of satisfaction. When you jump, Mario twirls through the air like a professional ice skater, too! But there’s another move I discovered on accident that makes me wonder if there are even more moves you can do while ice skating.

Backwards ice skating.

Turns out, if you click “Z” on the nunchuk (I never knew it was spelled that way?) while skating on ice, Mario (or Luigi, depending on who you are playing as) will turn around and start skating backwards. This seems purely cosmetic at first, but I noticed that it actually slows Mario down. In other words, Nintendo planned an out-of-the-way ice skating ability, and gave it an actual physical purpose…and from what I can tell, didn’t exactly make it public knowledge.

(Minor side note: this is apparently spelled out for us on the Super Mario Wiki. Huh. And I guess there are no other abilities to discover for ice skating.

1. Speed Stopping the Star Ball

If you’re playing with a friend (who gets to play the P2 Luma), you might laugh at how useless their role is. Until they manage to clear whole passages of enemies, bring power-ups to you, collect star bits and coins with ease, and make you feel like a lame player. Which is exactly why you take them to galaxies where you ride the Star Ball, as it makes their contributions to your success much smaller! Or does it?

Apparently, the P2 Luma is capable of immediately stopping the Star Ball and holding it in place. This allows the P2 Luma even more power, giving them the ability to help slow you down, or worse, giving them the power to completely mess up your groove.


Now, okay, you guys probably already knew this. Or didn’t care. Or both. But my mind is blown by these details and I figured, “Hey, it’d make a great filler post!”

Boy was I wrong!

2 thoughts on “2 Epic Mario Galaxy Moves You Never Knew Existed

  1. I love Mario Galaxy and this was just awesome to read. I, for one, never knew about this and the child in my heart is just giddy.

    This makes me want to play a Mario game right now. I don’t think I have Galaxy anymore, though. I never finished the game; I’m horrible at finishing and beating games in general. :’)

    Liked by 1 person

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